How To Open and Get your Unionbank EON card in one day

I have been working online for the past 4 years but it was just recently when I decided to finally open a Unionbank Eon account. Paypal fund transfer to my BDO account is getting too costly since I find myself withdrawing every 3 months. That's already Php400 less per withdrawal to BDO as transfer fee if I both withdraw the dollars and pesos. With Unionbank however, that's free. You just need to pay Php350 annual fee.

Let me share with you a step by step process of opening your own Eon card. Note that this is based on my personal experience last May 2012. 

Step 1: Go to and click the EON tab.

Step 2: Choose Eon Online Application and click Apply Now

Step 3: Read carefully the bank's terms and conditions and click "Agree"

Step 4: You will now be asked to fill up the necessary information for your new account application (includes personal and business details). Take note of your preferred Pick up Branch. Click Submit. 

Step 5: Wait for the sms that contains your reference number. You may already pick up your card at your preferred Unionbank pick up branch provided you have a complete set of requirements.

Step 6: Make sure you have your requirements before the bank visit - reference number, the Php350 annual fee, original and photocopy of 2 primary valid ID's. My chosen branch (BiƱan-Carmona) requested for an additional copy of billing statement so I just handed them a photocopy of my latest credit card monthly statement. 

Step 7: After you pay the Php350 annual fee, you can now get your Unionbank EON card that same day! Just wait til they print your name on your new card - one day processing! That's really fast right? I was just advised that I can use the card after 3 days. 

3 days after, I enrolled for a CyberAccount, logged in after 48 hours then tried transferring my Paypal dollar balance and received it in less than a week. For those of you who have an online business or accept online jobs and transacts using Paypal, I assure you, having a Unionbank Eon account is a business friendly way to cut cost and transact faster.


  1. I got my EON card in less than 2 hrs. I just submitted 2 photocopies of my ID, wrote my reference # on one of the photocopied doc and then it was active the next day

    1. what IDs did you submit? i presented a postal and police clearance today but they didn't entertain me coz they said i should at least have an SSS or TIN.. might it be some kind of discrimination coz i went there looking like a homeless person? :))

  2. Can a representative go and get my card? What are the req?
    Thank you.

  3. Good day!

    Can a representative go and get my card?
    What are the req?
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks this was really helpful :) i am currently waiting for my 48 hours for my cyberaccount to be active and be reflected with my paypal account.

  5. Good day, I would just like to ask what I am to write in the business part if I only get my earnings via writing to certain sites that pay?

  6. Good day.

    I'll just ask because I'm completely blank right now. I don't know what to write in the "Employer/Business Address" area of the application form. I'm only a blogger and that's how I get my earnings. Help please.

  7. hi. thanks for ur post.
    i followed ur steps online and got my card the following day.
    took me less than 30 minutes to get my card at Union Bank. :-)
    I only presented the bank with my PRC and driver's license.

  8. Thanks to ur post. This helped me decide to open an EON account.
    So i followed ur guide and applied online. The following day i went to union bank to claim my card. Took them less than 30 minutes to process.
    I only presented them with my PRC and driver's license (original and photocopy).

  9. the site is not opening i cannto access the site of unionbank. what could possibly go wrong? need help.

  10. Hi! Did you need a proof of billing?

  11. WHy can't I enter POSTAL CODE in the POSTAL CODE BOX in EON Application, And it said that the field is required..

  12. I am unemployed and I need to apply for EON to link it to my paypal account, is it possible for me to get one and as a source of income can I use a remittance receipt? My father is in abroad and for now that was my source of income.

  13. Is it possible for me to apply for EON even if I am unemployed. And is it ok to use a remittance receipt as a proof of source of income? My father is working abroad and now he is my source of income.

  14. I have all the requirements with me including the reference number which is by the way printed out but my question is: can I pick up my new eon card at any branch?


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