Deceptive Sales Acts and Practices

Here are some tips to avoid some modus operandi from deceptive sales acts and practices:

Text Scam
Have you received a text message that notifies you of winning millions of cash or a brand new car even if you did not join any sales promo? Check the numbers reflected in your cellphone – legitimate promos provided by Telecom are either in 3 or 4 digits only and not thru ordinary cellphone numbers.

Don’t be a Victim!
Do not give access to your credit card or reveal your atm numbers to those invited you to join.
Verify the promo by calling DTI-NCR 8118231 to 33 local 1216 or visit dti-ncr website at
Report the message and mobile phone number used in the scam to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) at tel no. 926-7722

Offers of Giveaways and Freebies
Beware of Sales Agents that approach passersby with offers that seem too good to be true. They are not free. You are attracted to buy something in exchange for give-away stuffs.

Never allow sales persons to force you to grab their offers immediately. Do not be rushed into signing a contract. It is your right to demand ample time to think about any offers.

Do not pay right away or permit access to your credit card.

For assistance, please call DTI Direct 751-3330 or visit/contact the nearest DTI regional/provincial office in your area.

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