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According to an article from Entrepreneur magazine written by Carlo Mallo entitled "Pushing Filipinos to turn entrepreneurs", Finance chief Cesar Purisima said, “We need to develop an entrepreneurial trait amongst Filipinos. We must not allow our students to aim to be an employee but to have a business of their own. This can be our way of helping the nation by becoming entrepreneurs.”

Today, the Aquino administration is looking at tapping the entrepreneurial spirit of Filipinos as a crucial part of its development plan for the economy.

Pinoy Business 101 seeks to guide wannabe entrepreneurs gearing up for their first ever business by providing helpful guides when starting a business. This blog will tackle business matters such as franchising, seminars, home-based businesses, investing, government agencies, relevant news and even notes about personal finance. Most importantly, it hopes to inspire as many Filipinos as possible to start your journey towards financial freedom.

First time visitor? We recommend our 9 steps on starting a business that presents easy to understand terms, providing a step by step process when opening up a business.

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