A look at Caritas’ Health, Pension and Life Insurance Package

Sickness, injury and death are part and parcel of our lives. In fact, these are inevitable events in each and every life – burdens each of us would one day face.

Facts you may want to know...
- Majority of Filipinos don’t have healthcare.
- Medical costs increase 3-4 times inflation.
- Most Filipinos don’t save money for medical needs
- Most people rely on their children, sell properties or borrow money for their medical care during retirement.

CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD is one of the more prominent leaders in the challenging arena of Health Care management.

Why do we need this?
We all need to have this type of health plan because if ever we are hospitalized due to accident or sickness, there’s a great possibility that we might immediately lose our savings and can drown to debt especially when there is nothing saved. Illness can be financially devastating and Caritas’ Health-Pension and Life Insurance Package Plan can help protect against disastrous health care expenses and lost wages.

In this package, the plan holder can invest in 5 years but the health coverage is up to 10 years. In other words, you get the additional 5 years coverage for FREE!

How much is the coverage in case hospitalized?
A room and board per day is Php800.00 and the hospitalization benefit is Php80,000.00 on the first year.

What about if not hospitalized?
We have out-patient consultation 12 times in a year and much higher health benefits on the succeeding years. Also, one great thing about this plan is you are guaranteed to receive Php100,000.00 whether you have used or not the Health Card. This is your lump sum pension.

What if while still in the process of paying, the planholder dies?
If there is still a remaining balance, it will be shouldered by the Credit Life Insurance so the plan is automatically paid in full and the beneficiaries will be receiving Php100,000.00 if the planholder died a natural death and additional Php100,000.00 if died because of accident. Because of this, our loved ones will not suffer tremendously. They will also get a bonus of another Php100,000.00 after 10 years, this is the lump sum pension of the died planholder.

How Affordable the plan is:
Yearly investment: Php32,052
Semi-Annual Investment: Php17,309
Quarterly Investment: Php8,975

This is for those who are 12 – 55 years old.

So total contact price is Php160,260 (32,052 x 5)
If we will compute the overall investment for the health card and divide it in 10 years...

-100,000 (pension lump sum)

60,260 (overall payment) / 10 years = Php6,026 annual payment / 12 months = Php502 monthly payment / 30 days = Php16.74

Imagine, for the price of only Php16.74 per day, we can get these health and pension benefit!

Anyone can be a victim of critical illness/dread disease and it can happen at the most unexpected time and the person can be in deep trouble, not knowing what to do and whether something can be done about it and if so, how much it will cost. Act now, invest in good health and protect yourself financially. Get your own medical insurance with Caritas.

For more information on this affordable health insurance package and other caritas health plans, you can contact Mr. John Suedad at 7038279 / 09192143807 or email us at pinoybusiness101@hotmail.ph


  1. what are the list of accredited hospital here in Philippines? Esp.along Manila area?


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