How to Make Money on Ebay

More and more internet users are reaping the benefits of selling their products online, both for business and personal use. To best serve the needs of its shoppers and sellers, Ebay International has provided Ebay users each country their local versions for much easier transactions - global reach with a very local appeal. Genius!

So here we have Ebay Philippines.

To sign up for an ebay account, just simply log on to

But before you do, here are some bits of advice you might want to prepare first for an effective ebay marketing campaign.

1. A good piece of camera. In the world of internet marketing, aside from article content, good quality images are one of your best and effective allies. Pictures sell! I personally use a Canon Ixus 80IS and I love its features especially the "digital macro" where it can easily capture close-up subjects.

2. Check out the nearest couriers around your area. It would be difficult for sellers to ship items if there's no available within your vicinity. Familiarize yourself with shipping cost, locally and internationally. Couriers like Air21, JRS Express, 2GO, Xend have lower rates compared to LBC.

3. Before opening an ebay store, make sure you have that extra time to check your site at least 3 times a week. You might want to make your cellphone number known to interested buyers for faster transactions. Be ready to respond to inquiries the soonest possible time.

Here are the steps to get start your first ebay store.
1. Log on to and click register
2. Fill up the needed info
3. You will be asked to confirm either thru your email or via sms.

To help you post your first item, I will give you a sample of one of my past product posted in my item list. I have provided screenshots below - here I'll show you the process of posting a handmade carrot soap.

1. Click Sell an Item at the upper part of the site

2. Categorize your product. (I put the handmade soap at health and beauty category-bath and body-soap)

3. Make your title simple and straight to the point. (Handmade Carrot soap 70 grams)

4. Upload your product picture. this is where you can get creative. (Here, I have included a bath towel and some attractive orchids and carrot together with the soap. In that way, it is more appealing and can easily catch attention when "handmade soaps" are searched)

5. Product description provides sellers to get their "brand look" to the public. If you're familiar with html's, the better. You can state here your terms and conditions, your ad copy, insert another photo, details about the product, payment options and contact info.

6. Insert your preferred price and how you're going to sell it. You can choose between buy-it now/fixed price or through online auction and start of bidding price. Make sure the price is reasonable. Know your competition and beat their price if you can. Depending on your product, you can declare higher prizes if your products are that of collectables or hard to find.

7. Decide how you'd like to be paid. I personally chose to accept payments via bdo deposit and gcash. You can also accept payments via paypal. Paypal is like an online bank and is currently used by thousands of online sellers in their business. Read more about Paypal here

8. Write down how you're going to post the item bought and how many days should they expect to receive their item. You can also state there if you want local pick up only, meet ups or if you'll be providing a free shipping cost.

9. Click continue, you have the chance to preview and edit your listing and review your fees.  For first time ebayers, it's advisable to  have all your listings for free.

Good luck to opening of your first Ebay Store!


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