How to Open a CitisecOnline Account

Follow these simple steps to Open your CitisecOnline Account:

1. Fill out the necessary forms

- Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
- Online Securities Trading Agreement (OSTA)
- Signature Cards (2 copies)

2. Submit a Photocopy of One (1) ID issued by the Philippine Government

- Driver's License
- Senior Citizen Card
- SSS ID (issued after 1999)
- Passport

* For Non-Appearance, a billing statement would be required (credit card bill, utlility bill, bank statement)

3. Submit the documents to:, Inc.
2403B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre,
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines

Note: Hard Copies of the documents are needed as the company cannot approve scanned or faxed copies of the application forms.

4. Once your application has been approved, they will send you your 8-digit CitisecOnline account number to be used for your funding.

5. Fund your Account

Deposit a minimum of Php5,000 for EIP accounts or Php25,000 for Regular accounts via:

- Check Payment (payable to, Inc.)

- Cash Payment
     Cash and check payments can be given to CitisecOnline's Customer Relations Officer or deposited at the COL business center and through partner banks.

     COL's Partner Banks:
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Banco de Oro (BDO)
  • Metrobank
     Fill out a Payment Slip
     Company Name:, Inc.
     Subscriber's Account 

For payments done through partner banks, fax (634-6958), email ( or send copy of the deposit slip with your NAME and ACCOUNT NO. written on it for confirmation.

- Online Payment

     Send in your complete filled out forms (CAIF, OSTA and Signature CArds) to get your COL account. no. before using the online payment facilities. Your COL account no. will be the Reference No. or Subscriber No. that you will use.

a. Log into your BPI ExpressOnline account
b. Under Payments and Reloading, click Bills Payments then click Enroll all other Bills
c. Enter your BPI number and Joint Account Indicator No.
d. Under Bill Information, select, Inc (COL) as the enrollee merchant
e. Enter your COL account no. on the space under Reference No.
f. Click Submit
g. To Fund - under Payments and Reloading, click Bills Payment then click Pay Bills Today
h. Under Pay, choose your COL account, enter the amount and choose BPI account

a. Log into your BDO account
b. Under My Profile, click Merchant, click Enroll Merchants and select, Inc (COL)
c. Enter your COL account no. under Subscriber No.
d. Enter your COL account name under Subscriber name
e. Click Submit.
f. To Fund - under My Financial Services, click Bills Payments, then click Pay Merchants
g. Choose COL, enter the amount then choose Immediate Payment.

a. Log into your Metrobank account
b. Under eBanking Solutions, click Pay Bills
c. Under Special Bill, select, Inc. (COL)
d. Enter your COL account no. under Subscriber/ Account No.
e. Enter your Phone No.
f. Choose Metrobank account
g. Enter the amount and select Immediate Payment

watch the video below on how to open a CitisecOnline account


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