Stock Market Investing Seminars for Beginners

CitisecOnline's Educational Seminars:

With the intention to reach out to more Filipinos and spread the word about the benefit of investing in the stock market, CitisecOnline is currently giving out these 2 basic seminars FREE OF CHARGE!
  • COL EASY INVESTMENT PROGRAM: Simple Stock Market Investing
Do you want to start investing in the Stock Market but have no knowledge on how it's done? Do you want to build your personal wealth in the most uncomplicated way? This is the seminar for you! Learn how you can build personal wealth the easy way with the COL - EIP. This makes investing in the stock market simple, convenient, and affordable for anyone. (click here to register)
This seminar will introduce the basic concepts and opportunities of investing in the Stock Market. Popular approaches of stock analysis will be explained to help guide the new investor in making well informed investment decisions. (click here to register)

FREE SEMINAR for your Company

Request for a free seminar exclusively for your company or organization and share this great financial educational opportunity to your employees, colleagues and friends. You can choose from the COL Easy Investment Program or Investing in the Stock Market Today, or a combination of both. This can be held either in your office (venue to be arranged) or in their training center. 

Other seminars (For CitisecOnline Customers only)
This seminar will introduce the rudimentary concepts and principles of technical analysis - the study of market trends. It shall highlight the use of graphs in deciphering such trends and making use of them to time market trend cycles.

This seminar will reinforce the primary concepts of Technical Analysis by showing its application in different market conditions. It shall begin by reintroducing the basic underpinnings of Technical Analysis then move on to formulate and apply various strategies used in different market trends. Moreover it would involve learning how to gauge and follow trends, project potential price action, and establish price boundaries which can be used to qualify and contain risk levels
This seminar will discuss the process of identifying fundamentally attractive stocks. It will also tackle concepts and principles used in the process such as industry and financial analysis, the impact of economic cycles and valuation techniques.

All seminars are held at the COL Training Center, 24/F PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

To register, call 6-333-777 or log on to

To learn more about Stock Market Investing and other Financial Literacy concept, Pinoy Business 101 recommends Pesos and Sense, a weekly show that airs on GMA News TV 8:30-9:00am. Like them on Facebook -

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