5 Gift Items A Filipino Corporate Boss Would Appreciate

This holiday season, when most of us are thinking about what to give or how to hide from our godchildren or wondering what proper christmas gift for clients, there are certain people we know that we might want to extend our appreciation to. Our corporate bosses who have been generous, or simply kind enough to understand its employee's needs. They are therefore worthy to be gifted with a token of gratitude. 

Simple or grand, below are 5 gift ideas a corporate boss would certainly appreciate.

1. Semi-precious jewelry
If your budget can handle it, why not give something extra special to your boss, who also inspires you to become a better you. You can choose from anything handmade, a designer brand, lucky stones or anything that's worth as an investment piece. 

2. Inspirational book
It pays to have a little inspiration when you're on top. People says it's lonely up there, so why not give something that inspires and lifts someone who would surely need it.

3. Staycation 
If you consider your boss to be the most hardworking individual you've ever known, then a treat to 2 night stay at a very nice hotel with buffet included would surely be one of the cool corporate gift ideas. If you worry about the price tag, fret not. There are literally hundreds of group buying sites out there that includes overnight stays at luxurious hotels for a fraction of its actual cost.

4. Spa Treatment
Need I say more? Everyone needs some extra special pampering once in a while.

5. Filipino Handicraft
A lot of executives love collecting unique pieces of handicrafts, something they can display at their homes. Gifting them a local handmade piece would surely win them over.

Always keep in mind, good corporate gifts not only enhances a good holiday spirit but most importantly it leaves a lasting impression that you want to keep that good business relationship you have. 

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