Points to consider in choosing the right location

Study the following in choosing your business location:

1. Raw Materials - Is it easy to get your primary materials from the location you want to put up?

2. Market - Is it close or far to your customers or target market?

3. Transportation - Study the transportation or delivery expenses in getting your materials and products. Check if it has enough public transportation for your employees ad customers.

4. Workers - Can you get workers in your target location? Do they have the experience needed for the job? Do they need to commute from afar?

5. Main Facilities - Is there an electricity and water in the place? Is there enough supply?

6. Community - What are the regulations of that particular location? Are the businesses supported by the local government? Is the community safe and progressive?

7. the Place/stall itself - if you need a lot, is the area enough? At what price? Do you still need to improve it? If it's inside a building, how long is the contract? Is the management good enough? How much will you be spending to improve the place?

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