Apply the Law of Attraction on Your Business

Have you seen the famous red book in your local bookstores? The book with a red stamp image infront that says "The Secret." You might have read that book and have probably seen its movie version. 

The Secret is basically the "Law of Attraction." If I am to summarize in two words everything that it says here, that is to FEEL GOOD. When you feel good, you create that positive energy, positive thoughts, and remember positive thought brings positive results!

So how can you possibly apply the Law of Attraction on your Business? Here are some ways you can follow:

  • Visualize successful results with your business clients.
  • Always believe in yourself
  • Have a constant positive intention when running your day to day business
  • Surround yourself with like minded and positive thinking team members that are prepared to work hard towards achieving a common goal for the business. By always maintaining a fair and positive working relationship with your employees, you can almost ensure the success of any business.
  • Try spending 10 minutes in silent prayer and meditation before starting a group meeting. Envision of God as creatively working on your minds and affirm that God will release from your mind the proper ideas needed in the business. People trying prayer power finds that they feel better, work better, sleep better and do better.
  • Give the most attention and focus to what you do want. Remove "don't," "not" and "no" from your vocabulary. Therefore, "I don't want to be in debt" becomes "I want financial freedom."
  • Take time to be deeply grateful for each and every thing you do have. Be an attitude of Gratitude.  Say thank you to your customers, to your employees. Nothing is too small. This puts you in a place of abundance, which is perfect for attracting more of the same.
  • Look for evidence of where things match your desire -- finding something, coming across an article or show, someone winning the lottery. Notice its similarity to your own desire, and celebrate that you've attracted that piece to you. This will help you allow more of what you desire to come into your life.

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