Get Insurance For your Service Business

To be in the service of others is a commitment and a responsibility. Each type of business has its complexities. Securing insurance should be part of your contingency plan. My Business, My Choice has designed a package insurance product to help you meet your business goals. It has benefits needed for all services you offer to your community. It does not only provide you with property coverage in the event of burglary or fire but also liability which may come in many more forms than expected.

Tailored for business operations engaged in retail or commercial environment. My Business My Choice range of Services products are suitable for occupancies such as travel agencies, salons, tailoring shops, clinics, etc.

With My Business, My Choice: Services, you get the ultimate insurance protection.

We offer four plan options for you to choose from, select the plan most suitable to your needs.

Plan I –Standard Cover Basic
     Covers your property against fire and lightning, smoke and water damages brought about by Fire

Plan II –Standard Cover Comprehensive
     Plan I benefit, PLUS:

  • Earthquake
  • Typhoon
  • Extended Coverage (smoke damage, falling aircraft, explosion, vehicular impact)
  • Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage (RSMD)
  • Burglary and Robbery Cover up to P100,000

Plan III –Services Package Basic

  • Fire & Lightning
  • Burglary & Robbery
     Pays for loss of your stocks, merchandise, furniture, machinery or equipment from burglary or robbery including resulting damage to your property
     Limit of Liability: P100,000.00
     Deductible: 10% each and every loss, minimum of P5,000
  • Money insurance
     Pays for loss of cash or payroll money and other securities by robbery and burglary
     Limit of Liability: 25,000.00
     Deductible: P2,000 each and every loss
  • Accidental Breakage of Fixed Glass/Signage     
     Pays for loss or damage to fixed glass walls and signage caused by accidental breakage     Limit of Liability: P20,000.00
     Deductible: P1,000 each and every loss
  • Personal Accident Coverage
     Compensates four (4) named employees for accidents resulting to bodily injury or death including medical reimbursement.
     Limit of Liability: P50,000.00 each
                               P10,000.00 Medical Reimbursement
  • Third Party Liability Cover
     Pays for your legal liability to any person other than you, your employees or your family members due to the following:

     Php200,000 per occurrence (sum insured)
  • Premises Operation- protects you in the event of property damage or bodily injury to third parties within your premises
  • Tenant Liability- protects owners, lessees, business operators against property damage and bodily injury claims occurring within the insured premises.
  • Fire & Explosion Legal Liability- it provides coverage for leased or rented property for which the insured can be held legally liable for damage to property occupied but not owned by the insured.
  • Advertising Signs Liability- pays for third party injury arising out of an offense in the course of your advertising activities leading to libel or slander
  • Independent Contractors Liability- pays for third party liability caused by the negligence of your independent contractors in case of minor repairs done within your premises.

P250,000 aggregate
  • Car park Liability- covers loss or damage to motor vehicles and their contents belonging to your Insured’s guests and customers parked within your premises of the Insured but excluding theft of the vehicle

Plan IV –Food & Beverage Package Comprehensive
This cover provides an extension to your Basic Services Insurance Package Plan III benefit, PLUS:

  • Earthquake
  • Typhoon
  • Extended Coverage (smoke damage, falling aircraft, explosion)
  • Riot, Stike & Malicious Damage
Debris Removal – covers costs and expenses incurred in removing debris if the property is destroyed by fire and any other perils insured against – up to Php 100,000

Special Emergency Allowance – awards the Assured within seven days from establishment of liability 15% of the sum insured maximum of Php 300,000 upon incident of a total loss. This is in addition to the sum to be determined after assessment of claim.

Broad Water Damage
Bursting of water tanks, pipes and apparatus
Sprinkler leakage (where applicable)

Exclusions: Business types such as gas stations, spas and fitness centers are excluded under Package III & IV

Protect your business. For more information and business insurance quote, you can contact Mr. John Suedad at 7038279 / 09192143807 or email us at


  1. This article was very interesting. I learned a lot about business insurance never knew that much information thanks!

  2. Thanks for this article. I'm glad i came across this article before I got business insurance for new company


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