Franchise Asia 2012

International Franchise Expo

FAP 2012  provides the platform for Filipino brands to conquer international markets by becoming even more globally-competitive. With the introduction of new and exciting sections – foremost of which is the Petro & Energy Pavilion – the Expo promises to be the go-to venue for business and trade with more investment options, bigger impact and wider reach.

Exhibit Hours: 27 – 29 July 2012
Entrance Fee: Php 100.00/visitor/day

Note: Smart Casual Attire will be observed. Wearing of slippers, sleeveless, undershirt or top tank shirt will not be allowed in the exhibition hall.
Children below 4 ft. are not allowed to enter the exhibition hall.

Franchise Asia Philippines 2012 Expo will also feature related educational activities: 
Investing in the Right Franchise Wisely 
(For would-be franchisees) 
There are numerous benefits of operating a franchise as compared to setting up a business from scratch. This phenomenon has helped franchising gain popularity over the years. With numerous franchise investment opportunities to choose from, buying a franchise can be an arduous work. This seminar will help prospective franchisees investigate and choose the right franchise that will guarantee the most rewarding investment return. 

How to Franchise Your Business 
(For would-be franchisors) 
Using franchising as a means of business expansion can be a profitable and successful option for entrepreneurs. As a growth strategy, franchising allows businesses to multiply faster than other business expansion models. This seminar will impart the necessary know-how to determine whether a successful business concept can be replicated to achieve franchising success. 

International Franchise Opportunity 
(For those who are looking to acquire a master franchise of an international brand or be a partner through a joint venture) 
Forays into global markets provide a fascinating opportunity for international franchisors to expand. International franchising allows a franchisor to break into new markets by offering franchise investment rights to countries beyond where the franchised business is originally-based. This seminar offers business-matching opportunities for FAP 2012 international exhibitors and prospective local-based investors who could either be a master franchisee, an area developer or a joint-venture partner.

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  1. A franchise can make good money for us and investors can increase their profit. I am new to this community and i hope you all will update the events day by day.

    advantages and disadvantages of a franchise business


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