How to Deal with your Own Complaint

Complaining about Warranties? Quality of Consumer Products? Or Victimized by a Scam and No One to Turn to?

Practice your Right! Act Now!!!

Steps to be done

1. Identify the problem
Identify the basis of complaint. Did you feel cheated? Decide if you want the product repaired or replaced. Or perhaps get your money back prior to an agreement?

2. Gather Documents
Collect all evidence of purchase such as sales invoice, repair orders, warranty cards and the likes.

3. Visit the Place of Purchase
Proceed to the store’s customer service unit or customer welfare desk. Call the attention of the seller and explain the details of the incident along with your reasons for complaining. Mention your preferred remedy.

Seek also the assistance of the supervisor or manager and discuss your concern if the conflict persists.

4. What to do next (if still dissatisfied)
Write a formal letter to the concerned agency (e.g. BFAD, NTC, DTI, DOH etc.) to include the following:
Date of Filing of the Complaint
Name of Complainant
Address of Complainant
Name of store complained of
Address of store complained of
Details of the incident
Signature of Complainant

Attach documents such as sales invoice, repair orders, warranty cards and the like.

Addressing your complaints properly to the right authorities will make you a satisfied customer and will help the companies improve their merchandise and services.

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