Price Tag Policy

One Price Tag per item

Each item sold on retail must bear a single tag for its price. Double price tags indicating cash price and card price or regular price are not allowed.

No extra charge shall be added to the price indicated in the tag whether payment is made in cash or thru credit card.

One price tag also means that discounts on cash payments should also be given to card payments.

Amount in price tag is vat inclusive. This means that VAT is already included in the price as shown in the tag. Hence, a consumer must not pay any additional amount for taxes.

Price lists for small pieces of items shall be posted at conspicuous places in the stores.

Shelf pricing is allowed, provided that the store uses an itemized receipt or cash register tape indicating the description, sSize, quantity and price of the product.

Consumers can verify the price of the product/s using the price verification counter.

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