Other Must-have Qualities of a Wannabe Entrepreneur

What other characteristics and abilities do you have that will help you in working on your business? 

In the process of checking yourself (read more of Step 1), below are some other qualities that could help you in starting a business.

1. What’s your educational background? What are your experiences in your past job that could help you in running a business? Example, if you’re a teacher, you can put up your own tutorial service or school. If you’re a dress maker, you can start a garment business. If you’re a carpenter, you can start entering into contracts in the construction business.

2. Do you have a hobby that can turn into business like sewing, cooking, woodcarving or jewelry making?

3. Do you have a technical skill that could let you start a business like troubleshooting computers or cellphone repairs?

4. Are you really interested in going into business despite the possibility of losing and instead be an employee where you have a stable job?

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