Starting a Business: Step 1 – Analyze yourself

Do you have the qualities of being an entrepreneur?
There are certain qualities and skills needed in starting and running a business. Do you have these?

1. Recognizing and looking for opportunities
     Do you see opportunities to do business?
     Did you do something to satisfy its needs?
     Have you seen no ordinary opportunities to gain capital, equipment or rental space? Is it easy for you to     get help or assistance in doing business?

2. Perseverance
     Do you continuously work on solutions to problems?
     Are you ready to sacrifice to finish a certain work or project?
     Will you take responsibility and stand by your own decisions and beliefs despite failures and oppositions?

3. Giving importance to promises and being responsible for it

4. Can you take risk?
     If you've thought of something, do you have the strength to give it a try?
     Will you choose moderate risk taking over low risk taking or can go for a high risk taking?

5. Making sure of a high quality products or service
     Do you work hard to make your work better?
     Do you seek perfection in all things you do?

6. Working on a plan
     Can you work on a clear plan: short and long term plans?

7. Gathering information
     Can you gather information regarding your customer, supplier and competitors?
     Do you seek advice from experts?
     Do you get info from your colleagues, relatives, friends and other contacts?

8. Systematic planning and managing of business
    Can you come up with clear concrete steps to reach your goals?
    Do you become aware of how your business progress? Are you ready to change your strategy if

9. Persuading and taking care of your connections
    Can you easily persuade other people?
    Are you using your friends, relatives, colleagues and other connections to help you achieve your

10. Belief in yourself
    Do you believe in your ability to finish a difficult task and in facing a heavy problem?

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