Starting a Business: Step 9 – Getting and Training your Workers

Even though your business is small, you should never own all the responsibilities and work in running the business. A ‘one-man’ or ‘one-woman’ can be possible at the beginning but time will come you will be needing help.

As a manager, make sure that you only hire employees that fit has skills and are qualified for the job. You also need to give them the right training and it’s your job to give them motivation to work happily and effectively.

If you want to become a good employer, understanding workers right should be one of the first things you should know. These are the following:

Equal rights and rules for everyone
A man or a woman is equal in law – equal in income, training and promotion. It is against the law to discriminate women employees. It is also against the law to accept and retain a woman employee on the condition that she should not get married.

Security of Tenure
This means giving assurance that a worker can work for a long time. All employees should be given security of tenure. They should not be fired without enough reason and it should be handles with due process.

Regular time and day of work
A working day signifies certain days that an employee regularly works. Usually, a regular working day starts on Monday and ends on Friday or til Saturday. Eight hours is the normal working hours. Included here is the coffee break usually 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes in the afternoon. Lunch breaks are given for an hour.

Salary and other benefits
An employee is given salary as payment for his/her service in a business. Aside from daily or monthly earnings, he/she should also be given overtime pay, night differential, rest day, holiday and 13th month pay. There are employers giving more than these, like housing assistance, rice subsidy and other benefits not necessarily ordered by the government.

Safe working conditions
An employee should be given enough protection from sickness and accident in work area. The place of work, wherever it may be should be safe and orderly.

Day Off and Vacation
A day off is a rest day given to employees. It should last up to 24 hours after 6 consecutive days of working. Holidays or Special Holidays are rest days given by the government.

Kinds of Leaves
1. Service Incentive Leave (SIL) – an employee has the right to a 5 day paid vacation every year
2. Maternity Leave – Vacation given to female employees that has given birth. Before she can use this, she should have given enough contribution to SSS not less than 3 months within 12 months from the time before she gives birth.
3. Paternity Leave – A husband can file a 7 day leave with pay if his legal wife gave birth.

Right to self-organization and collective bargaining
An employee has the right to join legitimate organizations or labor unions that is negotiating with the owner, unless he/she holds a sensitive position in the company.

Worker’s Participation in tripartite activities
A worker has the right to join in creating policies and participate in decisions that will affect them.

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